Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Well it's been almost two months since I started my acrylic fluid painting adventure, and oh boy has it been a fun ride! Learning new techniques, developing my own style and spending a day once a week just painting all day long! 

From one of my first paintings seen above "Amethyst" to my most current work seen below, I can see how far I have come. 

This is one was created 11/27/2017. Not yet named and still has to be varnished after it's done drying in about 3 weeks.

Through my learning experience I've had to scrap several paintings either because I didn't like the colors or mostly because of insects that decide they like to swim in paint and find that it's actually quicksand for insects.  I've also had to deal with silicone, which has to be cleaned off the painting before I varnish, which I have lost quite a few of paintings from not cleaning thoroughly.

A little bit about why I use silicone, if you look at the Amethyst painting it has a lot of circles more commonly known as cells which is caused my the oil and water (paint is water based) reaction.  So before varnishing which is also water based the oil (silicone) has to be cleaned off.  Oh and the unnamed painting doesn't have any silicone and I was still able to create cells.  I'll get into more about this later.

So I live and learn and I will master my techniques and learn from my mistakes. I'm currently in the process of varnishing several paintings and getting them ready for my shop which is now "Cindi Ressler Fine Art Photography & Paintings." 

I'm anticipating a January announcement for my painting collection. So stay tuned. 

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See you next time!

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