Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Shops Are Closing December 18, 2017!!!

Life as a business person is full of twists and turns, just when you think you have a plan, all of a sudden things are changing.

Last year I had opened 2 other shops on Etsy.  One Countryside Stitchery where I was creating dog and cat quilt blankets, lap quilts and scarves.  I was super excited about this venture.  Picking out fabrics and quilting the pieces together to create my own unique quilts.

Below is a Navy Galloping Horse Scarf and Blue Floral Lap Quilt....Also EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP IS 30% OFF!

I also love antiquing, but was running out of space in my home, so that's where Oak Leaf Collectibles came in.  Now I could shop and not worry about space in my home, I would just sell on Etsy.  Easy was easy.....

Below is a rare Hall's Poppy Aladdin Tea Pot and also a cocktail set with a Tiki Man motif. EVERYTHING IN THIS SHOP IS 25% OFF!

But neither shop had me over the moon excited.

Until one day I came across this post on facebook.  It was a youtube video on acrylic fluid painting.  I fell in love and I started researching this technique and went hog wild learning this new passion! 
And this painting process fits perfectly with my photography.  Which I will get more into a little later.

Countryside Stitchery and Oak Leaf Collectibles will be closing permanently as of December 18, 2017.  Stop by and take advantage of these deals!!!

See you next time!

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